Partnering With Talent In ‘High Intensity Careers’

We have a clear purpose to help maximise the individual’s potential, and to assure sustainable, long term, financial futures.

Our Purpose,
Mission & Values

Honesty, Integrity, Transparency & Trust are our ‘watch words’ and as a result, clients can be assured that their futures will be protected and managed in a completely transparent manner.

Those that work with Lighthouse need to have a value set that matches ours, and we enjoy working with likeminded people with whom who we can enjoy long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

If you have a bad attitude and/or, a questionable moral compass, you are not for us!

A Word From Our CEO

Talent across the worlds of sport and entertainment has long been mismanaged and misguided by unethical practises that lack integrity. We aim to positively disrupt these environments and have created a business that ensures those who work with us are never charged for our services. We will be setting new standards, and we will do so across a global stage.

Andrew Powell


Why Lighthouse?

The worlds of sport and entertainment need disruption!

For too long talent in these sectors has been mismanaged, misguided, and let down by historically driven practises which lack integrity, are unethical and can often cause damage to people of all ages and backgrounds, on a significant scale.

Lighthouse aims to positively disrupt these environments and we have consciously created an operating and commercial model that ensures that those who work with us are never charged for our services.

If Lighthouse resonates with you…if you want to tread a different path… if you want your family and futures secured, come and talk to us, at The Lighthouse Group.

Who We Work With

Lighthouse works with talent across the sporting and entertainment arenas, providing world class services to enhance all aspects of professional and personal lives.

A Part of the ARMCO Group of Companies

We are proud to be a part of the ARMCO portfolio of companies.