Golden Kick SC (GKSC) was founded in 2016 by Mr Joseph Epton, in the traditional fishing community of Chorkor Chemunaa, Greater Accra. The club has worked its way up the Ghanaian football pyramid having started out in the amateur district league.

Joseph has worked for many years in the Ghanaian football business and through transfers to Europe and elsewhere, he became acutely aware of the issues and pitfalls facing young football talents in the region.

Based on these experiences Joseph decided to create a club and environment where young players felt part of a family community where they could learn and develop their football skills.

As an example, a couple of the players were on loan at a Spanish club in 2020, where things did not quite go to plan. When the boys returned to GKSC, with the little money they had received, they bought food and sports equipment for the other young players living at the club. This is indicative of the type of club and culture Joseph and his management team have created.

On the football side, the club were promoted at the end of last season to National Division L1 in Ghana with players as young as 15. One of them became an online sensation as he scored a wonder goal in the play-off final. The team are doing well this season against many logistical and financial obstacles. The success on the pitch is starting to be noticed, in both Ghana further afield, culminating in player call ups to the Ghanaian U20 squad. At the time of writing, one of the players is part of the U20 squad who will play in the prestigious Toulon tournament at the end of this month.

Scouting Team is a sports management company made up of professionals with different career backgrounds and language skills. We have contact with clubs across the world and currently have young players in very good European academies. Our main player scouting activities are focused on Bulgaria and Ghana, where we felt we could make a difference to the careers of young players. We have been working with Joseph for many years and we understood what the GKSC management were trying to achieve. We were also aware that its target of creating a hub for football and educational excellence, in the area, would require a partner willing to invest in the future of these young talents.

The problem with finding a partner to invest in GKSC and its players is that there are many words but very few actions. That was until we heard about the Lighthouse Group.

It was clear that the aims and ethos of the company had synergies with what GKSC, and Scouting Team were trying to achieve. Very quickly Scouting Team and the Lighthouse Group were in contact regarding the GKSC project, and several short-term objectives were discussed. The big difference we noticed between the Lighthouse Group and other interested parties was that discussion points soon became action points. Subsequently we have already put the wheels in motion for 2 of the key actions. One of them will be life changing for the players and the club.

The first action is already in progress, the supply of 40 football kits for the start of next season. Both the shirts and shorts will carry the name of the sponsor – The Lighthouse Group. As GKSC is a team from a small fishing village, we have sourced the kit from a European manufacturer who, alongside recycled plastic bottles, use recycled plastic fishing nets in their manufacturing process.

The second action is a game changer for all involved at GKSC. Part of the initial discussion with the Lighthouse Group was the need for the players, average age of 17, to continue with their formal education alongside their football careers. Unfortunately, the current facilities and conditions of the club are not suitable for studying or training. In addition, many of the players are living at the club without basic amenities.

The Lighthouse Group asked the management of GKSC to come back with a project that would provide the players with a place to live, study and continue their footballing dreams. The GKSC management team have presented a detailed plan of what they need and what that plan would mean to the boys.

Once again, the Lighthouse Group have put the wheels in motion and are in discussions with potential investors about this life changing development for a fledgling club and its young talents.

As was said earlier, both Scouting Team and the GKSC management team have spent time and effort in trying to get potential investors to buy into what GKSC want to create for the players now and in the future. Up until now it has been a fruitless task.

The Lighthouse Group has changed all that and already the GKSC 1st team will start next season with a brand-new kit and shirt sponsor. The club now know that they have somebody willing to invest in them and they will continue to work on the pitch while the Lighthouse Group continues to look for solutions that will make the long-term dreams of GKSC become a reality.